Blockchain-based EdTech: A New Era in Education

Society needs thinkers, innovators, and creators — not just people who can follow instructions. That’s why an improved approach to learning is a necessity in this day and age. Today, more and more people understand the vast gap between where our education system stands today and where it could be.

This gap consists of the failing traditional educational system that focuses solely on memorization and recall, as well as its lack of global reach. With these two issues in mind, a new era of education must rise to meet the new challenges we face today.

Blockchain-based EdTech platforms, such as EduMedu, are taking the existing system of unfair education and rebuilding it to be accessible to all.

Upon research, we see that the global e-learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025. Therefore, it is fair to say that we are still early, and there is a huge amount of potential in the e-learning area, especially in web3.

How can education and web3 technology be combined?

Via blockchain-based EdTech! EdTech refers to the use of technology in education and the improvement of learning.

Note: E-learning is part of EdTech, which uses electronic devices to deliver educational experiences.

Education is not a privilege but a right. We believe in making education accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of their capabilities.

Education technology (EdTech) has tremendous potential to accelerate learning by making it more personal and scalable. Ed-tech can reach anywhere, anyplace, anytime. It can be used on different devices and by people with various levels of ability and knowledge. This opens up education to a much broader audience than ever before, creating an exciting new era for teaching and learning!

Blockchain powered EdTech

222 out of 5728 ICOs by industry are from the education sector. So far, only 7 of them are rated 4 and over. The same number was much less 5–6 months ago compared to now. That means we are still in the very early stage of blockchain-based EdTech evolution, yet the space is growing fast.

EdTech is changing the way the world learns. There is a need for more and more content and material for education providers. As EdTech grows, the companies that cater for this demand will benefit from the growth of the blockchain.

The EduMedu ecosystem is designed to facilitate the growth of a healthy token economy, where students, tutors and resource partners are active participants. As the community grows and expands, early investors will naturally reap the benefits.

By creating a digital place where students and teachers can gather together, Blockchain EdTech is the fastest growing technology in the world. And, as it continues to expand, there will be more and more companies creating new products and services for their customers.

It’s exciting to see so many companies and brands join us in this space, as we work towards a future where everyone has improved access to quality education! 🚀

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